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I have a new icon . . .

. . . but only hardcore MSTies are going to get the joke. Comment if you want to see it.

And I'll have you know that making that little thing took a lot more technical jiggery-pokery than you might expect. (If you count "trying to make the stupid programs work properly" as "technical.")

Got out of work early, spent the time getting money to the bank, taking a shower, and well, making that icon.

Fourth of July tomorrow. I actually get the day off this time around. Nift. Will be going to watch fireworks with docwhoopee, sis-in-law and other pals, from the air-conditioned comfort of the Sundial at the top of the Westin downtown.

Today I took pleasure in listening to "Where the Railroad Meets the Sea" by David Sylvian on the drive to work.

Today I learned that I still had some leftover pumice foot scrub.