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Happy, um, Wednesday . . .

So I spent Independence Day doing a lot of cleaning, purging old papers and filing several months' worth of paid bills and bank statements. That evening, I went with docwhoopee and company to the top of the Westin to drink wine and watch fireworks. Unfortunately, the closest fireworks display got rained out, so we only saw a few distant displays and occasional rogue fireworks shooting out of the shabbier parts of town. Still, we had a nice time, with much wine, food and conversation.

Today was catch-up day at work, so I was quite the busy. I got home and it was too hot to take a walk, so I got some exercise by putting on some fast-paced tunes and flailing around for a bit. Now all I have to see is if I'll be able to keep it as a regular habit.

Mom made the observation that not only am I buying a place at the age of 36 (the same age she was when they bought the house) and not only am I buying the second place I seriously looked at (as they did) but I'm getting the keys on July 7, which is my younger brother's birthday, which is the date they moved into this house. Spooky.

Today I took pleasure in a leisurely dinner.

Today I learned where my Clare Quilty CDs had gotten to.