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Well, the Paul Melançon CD's that's been living in my 'puter for the past few weeks has finally been displaced. My Duran Duran box set has arrived and I am busily loading the B-sides I didn't have before into my iTunes rotation. I love modern technology. It is so delightful to be hearing songs like "Late Bar" and "Faster Than Light" again without having to dig up my vinyl. I know some people are griping about it being disappointing (Duranies are so demanding, I swear) but I think it's pretty darn spiffy. Certainly one of the nicest birthday presents I've ever gotten myself.

Job interview today. Actually a one-on-one interview; I was surprised. It's a job at an environmental laboratory keeping track of asbestos samples. Not exactly my dream job but it's very encouraging to know that my resume is actually getting attention. I'll keep my options open. From there I went to Value Village to spend the last two dollars and fifty cents of my clothing money on some shorts. Got three pair and still had change left over. Did I mention I love thrift shopping?

Paul Melançon at Eddie's Attic tonight. Will probably go. Might even dress up with one of my spiffy new thrift acquisitions. (You don't get too many excuses to dress up when you're unemployed.)

Oh, and by the way, Happy 43rd Birthday, Mr. John Taylor. (Yeah, like he reads this . . .)