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Weekend Report


The original plan: swing by the new place after work and pick up the keys from the gal I bought it from.

The actual plan: get a call at about 11:30 AM from said gal letting me know that she was going off to the mountains and she'd leave the key for me wrapped in a plastic baggie in the empty flowerpot next to the door. I rearranged my lunch hour accordingly, swung by the new digs and, amidst the blare of the yard crew spraying mulch with big industrial hoses, obtained the key and gave the digs a once-over. The previous owner has still left some things behind, from garment bags to a dried floral arrangement to a lonely little skirt hanging in the coat closet. But other than that, it's quite empty.

As I looked around, I realized a certain flaw in the design of the place. The previous owner had a mania for French doors. All of the doors are glass-paned. Including the closets.

And the bathroom.

As I peered into the bathroom through the closed door, I realized this could be a bit of a problem when I have guests over.

I poked around for a bit longer than I should have and wound up grabbing a hot dog for lunch and eating it at my desk.

That evening, I went back to the new digs and poked around a little more, then worked my way through 285 traffic to get to Circle Sky Records to see Kenny Howes do his acoustic thing. I ended up cooling my heels for well over an hour, because I'd been misinformed about the start time and it wound up starting late on top of that. But it was worth the wait. I always forget how much I miss Kenny until he comes back in town.

After the show, there was a sort of afterparty at Lee Flier's place (she's in a band called What The . . . ?) where Kenny played in the basement studio, fully electric and full blast I was in my own personal rock and roll heaven. I hung out until about 2:30 in the morning, got a warm hug goodbye from Kenny and headed home.


Didn't actually sleep all that late. Moodled on the internet while Mom and Dad gardened and then took Mom to show her the new digs. We looked over the closet fixtures, purged out the garment bags and plotted how we were going to handle the revamping of the space. Went home and did Not A Heck Of A Lot. Had dinner, fell asleep on the couch.


Did the usual Sunday morning routine. My hastily thrown on black silk shirt tore at the shoulder when I sat down, so we did a hasty repair job with a piece of lint roller tape placed sticky side against the back of the seam. It held up through Mass. After the Catholic thing, I trundled up to the new digs with docwhoopee and sis-in-law in tow and I systematically ripped all the picture hanging nails out of the walls. (I will hang my pictures were I damn well feel like it, thank you very much.) We went to Ru San's for sushi and then I stopped by The Container Store and decided that everything there is way too freakin' expensive for me to want to deal with. Visited Lowe's for putty to fill in the nail holes, and silicone to fill in the tiny gaps in the moulding.

Dinner was sesame-encrusted seared tuna. We broke out the bottle of Brut that I'd gotten at the closing and clinked glasses to my homeownership.

After dinner, older brother, sis-in-law and I went back for a bash at fixing things up. I filled in nail holes and tore the remnants of the shelf fixtures out of the kitchen closet while big brother mended the moulding gaps and removed the fixtures from the bedroom closet. (Sis-in-law made friends with the neighborhood cat.) For a finale, we used industrial solvent to get the adhesive marks off of the floor and then slipped into the night to let the fumes disperse.

Tomorrow night, I'm meeting up with some friends of the family for consultation on paint color. Mom has volunteered to clean the fridge out while we're at it. (It's empty, it's just a bit sticky.)

So, yeah. Rock and roll and homeownership. The story of my life as it stands now.

Today I took pleasure in the warm glow of a sense of purpose.

Today I learned what Fi.Fa. means (fieri facias--Latin for "cause it to be done.")


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Jul. 11th, 2006 01:52 am (UTC)
it sounds like a lovely life!!!
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