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Must . . . Stay . . . Awake . . .

I've been feeling a bit draggy all week. I think I need to resume the habit of exercise. I have a standing offer for a gym membership as a birthday present, so I may cash it in sooner rather than later.

Picked out paint colors last night. Will be matching the paint strips to my Nagel to see what works best.

Work started out crazybusy and then slowed down to a crawl, since there wasn't a lawyer around to sign things for me to send out.

Going out to see The Julia Dream tonight. Hoping I don't fall asleep on the couch and miss the show. Will probably be partaking of some Red Bull to keep me going, assuming the venue sells the stuff.

Today I took pleasure in the taste of a home grown tomato.

Today I learned that some people will still fall for Munchausen by Proxy Server.


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Jul. 16th, 2006 05:29 am (UTC)
That link to Munchausen by Proxy Server cracked me up.

People are so strange.
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