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Ah, that's better . . .

Nothing like a little dose of art to refresh the senses. I went to Sycamore Place Gallery to see a show of Charlie Jupiter Hamilton works. No, I hadn't heard of him before, either. He did the cover art for the second Java Monkey Anthology (the one I'm not in) and he does work in carved wood with really vibrant colors. Kodac Harrison played a few songs, several of the usual Java Monkey suspects read some stuff, it was nice all around. I got drafted into reading, so I rattled off "Blue Blazing", which is one of the few free verse works I have memorized. I should really come up with some new stuff.

Today I took pleasure in laughing my ass off at an MST3K episode I hadn't seen before on YouTube. ("Bride of the Monster", one of the classics of the Ed Wood oeuvre.)

Today I learned how to get to my new digs via I-285. (I mean, I knew it in the abstract, but this time I actually drove it.)