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Friday so far . . .

So I went to Eddie's Attic to see Paul Melançon play an early show. Good thing I left early, 'cos it took me forever to find Eddie's Attic on foot 'cos parking was all clogged up with people going to some street fair thing they were doing in downtown Decatur and I parked in the first lot that would have me. (It also didn't help that I forgot exactly where Eddie's Attic is, since I go there so infrequently.) Anyway, Paul put on a fine show for a lively crowd. I took the money I would have spent on dinner and bought his other CD, Slumberland. I told him that Camera Obscura (his more recent album, the one he went ahead and gave me) had climbed into my CD player and said "Play me, Sheila! Play me many many times!" He said he trained them to do that. He also gave me a nice thank-you hug. Just what I need. Another crush on a fledgling rock star.

Anyway, I'm off to see Starlight Conversion (a side-project of Metroscene) at the EARL now. Whee!