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Come to the aid of a grad school student!

No, not me, I'm a grad school dropout, remember? My dearest, darling britpoptarts needs people to click through a website she made for class and answer a questionnaire about it.

Her entry about it is here. The people who were going to help crapped out on her and she needs this for her grade. If you have the time (and if you're fooling around on the internet, of course you do) give it a click and help her out. Ta muchly.


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Aug. 27th, 2006 07:40 pm (UTC)
The heinous class is over. I got out of it with a high B. First B I've made in grad school since the semester my grandmother died. But I'm okay with this--it was incredibly difficult, compounded by the fact that it was a 100% online course and I was restricted to using dial-up on my elderly craptop when at home.

Thanks for your assistance! It did help.

Final result is up: http://studentpages.scad.edu/~hmccal20/itgm723/index.html

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