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Primer Directive

So I spent the weekend slapping primer on the walls with the help of my parents. Took Friday night and most of Saturday afternoon. Sunday night, docwhoopee came over to help cut the lock off of the basement storage space that I've concluded must be mine since it's the only one that doesn't have any stuff in it (beyond a package of tile and a styrofoam Waffle House coffee cup.) He brought his Mighty Power Tool of Doom, plugged it in, buzzed the lock off in a few seconds and installed a new hasp and lock on it. Then he came up to look over my digs and came the the great and wise conclusion that I need to slap a second coat of primer on it. Yay.

So Sunday and this evening were spent taping up all the moulding with blue tape to keep the paint from getting all over it. I'd left it off the first time around (except in the bathroom) because I wanted some primer to get on the moulding, to cover up all the 'oopses' made by the previous occupant, who obviously didn't do any masking at all. But this time around, I think I want to go ahead and mask everything so it will be done with and I can paint freely.

Further proof of my descent into yuppiedom--I kept track of time as I applied tape this evening by NPR programs. I started at the tail end of All Things Considered, worked for all of Marketplace (half hour) all of City Arts and Lectures (one hour) and then half an hour into Adventures in Good Music With Dr. Karl "I may be dead, but I still won't shut up" Haas. Unfortunately, the boom box I've been bequeathed eats tapes (as I found out the hard way with a mix tape I'd been made by my younger brother) and skips CDs, so I'm pretty much confined to either the radio or silence when I've over there.

I got hooked up with a new dealer for my antidepressants, who set me up for the next six months(!) and is willing to help me work my way off the things. All this for a $25 co-pay. Rock on.

Today I took pleasure in the delightful sensation of having one less thing to worry about.

Today I learned how to get to the Emory Clinic's location on Johnson Ferry Road.


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Aug. 15th, 2006 02:57 pm (UTC)
Primer Directive

Ah yukyukyukyukyuk

You trekkie you.
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