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Sucked in by the hype....

So I've been reading the latest Harry Potter book. My parents' copy, actually. Finished it today. Say what you will, Ms. Rowling knows how to spin a ratting good yarn. I do wish she'd mix up the formula a little more, though--there are some motifs that are getting a bit too repetitive with each volume (the Dursleys abuse Harry at the beginning, Dumbledore explains everything at the end, etcetera.) The angst level is pretty high in this installment. You have been warned.

Went to Notebook Society last night. The exercise of the week was to anthropomorphize inanimate objects. A lot of the results took a strangely erotic bent. You'd be amazed how a printer can be made to seem sleazy.

Today was reading and sleep. Not very productive. I should (knock wood) hear from Emory sometime Real Soon Now about the job at the nursing school. Wish me all kinds of luck.