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A few things . . .

I finished the door on the bathroom and have enough window frosting left over to do another door. So I think I will, since my bedroom door is also a french door. (Did this woman ever have guests?)

I revealed my evil alter-ego on dd.com, as the Duranie Drama Report. The response was bogglingly positive. I'm quite flattered.

Work today was made really interesting by a series of brief power outages at irregular intervals. The power would go out--BAM!--and then switch back on again half a second later. The first time, we were all "well, that was odd" and we turned our computers back on. A few minutes later, it happened again. And again. And again. Each time, we'd have to reboot the computers and pray we'd saved our work. And they were intervals of no more than ten minutes or so. So we'd be saving every five seconds and bracing for the next outage by the end of it. S. said we could leave at four if it was still going on. But the condition cleared up and we were able to finish our work. But, oh, man, was it frustrating. It's funny how we think we humans are the baddest muthas on the planet and then the power goes out and we're all whimperingly helpless.

Today I took pleasure in lemonade with a splash of amaretto in it.

Today I learned that City Hall in Chicago has a garden on its roof.