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A quick post from DragonCon . . .

Right now, I'm borrowing my sister's computer and connection while I'm babysitting my neice Caroline. She's watching some Dora The Explorer DVD and having a granola bar.

You know you're at DragonCon when you step out of the elevator and there's a sign that announces "Zombie Attack Has Been Moved To 2806".

docwhoopee is throwing his casino party tonight, which will give me a chance to catch up with all the cool people.

Today I took pleasure in baby giggles from my neice.

Today I learned that they used a couple of Nick Drake songs (to rather good effect) in the film Serendipity.


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Sep. 3rd, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)
I watched Serendipity today, enjoyed it immensely. John Cusack is an under rated as a leading man. Hope you have a blast at the party.
Sep. 4th, 2006 08:36 am (UTC)
In honor of D*C, did y'all see this fanwankery about Harlan Ellison and Connie Willis?

Bwa ha! You'll appreciate the HE v LKH snark, too. A good series gone awry. I am afraid of the fae stuff. Faewankery is more than I could handle.


The snark, it is brisk today.

P.S. we have 800 more years to stave off zombie attack? Colour me relieved.
Sep. 5th, 2006 12:07 am (UTC)
Yes, I did see that. I'd really thought better of Harlan, and I was somewhat relieved to see he had the presence of mind to apologize for his behavior.

As it turned out, the Zombie Attack in question was originally going to be in the room where Peter and Kathy were staying, thus the sign indicating that it had been moved to a different room. Fortunately, the word seemed to have gotten out, so no Zombie Attackers dropped by while I was doing my stints in the room on Caroline wrangling duty.

I no longer spend money on LKH books, but I'll check them out of the library for sheer laughs. They've gotten to be sublimely ridiculous books, so I read them in a cheesy bad movie sort of way.
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