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"So, how was DragonCon?"

I suppose I should do some sort of entry about the insane weekend that was DragonCon, but there's too much to write down and it's already starting to slither out of my brain. So here's a summary.

Friday Evening: Arrived after work, got my badge from my sister's room, said hello to my nieces and headed downstairs. Had many drinks in the Hyatt bar, the Guest Hospitality Suite (aka the Green Room) and up in the room where docwhoopee already had his bar set up in anticipation for his King Casino party on Saturday night.

Saturday Morning: Recovered from Friday evening.

Saturday Afternoon: See Saturday morning.

Saturday Evening: Performed Caroline-wrangling duty so my sister (puppetmaker40), her husband and niece Ariel could go to the banquet. Spent much of the evening chasing Caroline around tables in games of tag. Once relieved from duty, went up to room to slap a bit of makeup on and freshen up. Snagged three invites to pass out. Went to Green Room and handed them out to a couple of the Random Guys and one, well, random guy. Said random guy (his name is Kevin and there will be more about him later) handed me an invite to a party he was throwing the next night. The Red Room party. Well. Dragged him up with me and hung out with him pretty much the whole night, playing Blackjack, Texas Hold 'Em and Roulette and losing all our Whoopee Bucks. He bailed at about three; I stayed until the bitter end, which ended up being about five o'clock in the morning. Went to bed.

Sunday Morning: Decided to go to the house and pick up an outfit for the Red Room party that night. arielography will be quite familiar with it, since it's the one I wore to Vegas--red sequin dress, red glitter shoes and red and black feather boa--with the addition of a red glitter mask with red and black plumes. (I didn't want to wear the mask to Vegas, lest all the poor souls behind me at the show start stabbing me with their high heels.) I also took the time to have a leisurely shower and shave and plug my phone in to recharge.

Sunday Afternoon: Unfortunately, I left with my phone still plugged into the wall and didn't realize it until I was already parked back downtown. I shrugged and figured I'd deal with it the way people did before there were cell phones. I grabbed some dinner in the food court and went up to Kath and Peter's room to report for my second tour of Caroline duty.

Sunday Evening: I found that they were entertaining guests and had ordered a mess of ribs and chicken from Fat Matt's. I was bummed, 'cos I'd already eaten. But I was early enough to spend time with the guests, who were all groovy people, including this actor named George who was in some 60's sci-fi TV show. Eventually, the gathering broke up and I kept an eye on Caroline while the Masquerade ran. I got dressed by degrees and when Ariel came to relieve me I was ready to go. I made my way back over to the Hyatt and up to the Red Room party.

The Red Room was simple but elegant--red lights, red candles, some music, some munchies and some booze. Kevin was an exceptionally gracious host, making sure everybody had been greeted and knew where the beer was. Unfortunately, some idiot on the balcony had flicked a cigarette off and security came up and nearly shut the place down. The party continued, but a little more muted. It shut down at about 12:30 so we could go down to a screening of a film called Geekin', which was basically about gamer geeks in love and all the twisted consequences. It was not a bad film, but it was almost a little too painfully realistic. I stayed with Kevin until all hours, and made it back to my room about 8:00.

Monday Morning: Attempted sleep. Failed miserably. Got up and grabbed some brekkie at the Green Room, then sat and wrote stuff at the dealer's room in the hopes of crossing paths with Kevin one more time. (Missing cell phone, remember?) Crossed paths with Kevin. Had one more round of congeekery, followed by lunch and then went back to the house to sleep.

Monday Afternoon: Slept. Dreamed intensely. Forgot everything. Kicked my ass out of bed (okay, out of couch) and dragged my way to Home Depot to buy paint on the last possible day for a 25% rebate. Bought lots of paint and went back to the house. Took a shower.

Monday Evening: The family members converged for something resembling Sunday dinner, except that it was Monday. Went to bed early. Slept.

So, um, yeah. I think I've finally recovered by now, which is good since it's like, Thursday.

And in case you were wondering, the guy in the pictures is the aforementioned Kevin. The one who lives in California.

Today I took pleasure in my sister's early birthday cake.

Today I learned how the pictures came out.


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Sep. 8th, 2006 12:26 am (UTC)
Very nice pics of you
Sep. 8th, 2006 12:43 am (UTC)
you gotta niece called ariel? Cooooool beans.

Hey, that dress got any more sequins left on it, or are you just glueing more on as the occasion demands?

Not only do *I* remember that dress, but I heard random people in the hallway at the Hard Rock talking about that outfit. Mostly along the lines of "Hey, did you see that lady in all red sequins??!"

Sep. 8th, 2006 12:50 pm (UTC)
Re: you gotta niece called ariel? Cooooool beans.
I still have plenty of sequins--most of the glitter that trailed behind me was what I'd pasted on my eyelids.

And, hey, that dress was made for Vegas.
Sep. 18th, 2006 09:14 am (UTC)
He looks a little like Vincent The Designer from Project Runway, only younger and cuter (and, probably, more in touch with reality circa six years past the Millennium v. mid-1980s coke binge reality than Designer Vincent is). I think it's the glasses and hair colour. :)
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