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If I were really clever, I'd do my whole journal entry in pirate-speak, but my brain's too fuzzy right now to be clever.

Memo to self: when you have a large and empty house to yourself at night, Carnival of Souls is not necessarily a good DVD to be watching.

So. The condo is progressing. I have the bathroom and the kitchen painted. I'll be tackling the living room tomorrow. My original plan was to take on the bedroom next, but that's on hold until after the weekend, since docwhoopee will be tearing out the moulding on my closet door to rehang the door so it opens outwards. (Yes, folks, the door on the closet was hung to open into the closet. Ker-huh?) I also have to get a new washer/dryer, but I'm waiting for the 'rents to get back from their travels (they went to my dad's 50th high school reunion, with stops to visit various relatives on the way back) so I can get my mom's expert opinion on the ways of appliances.

Today I took pleasure in chilled white wine.

Today I learned I had more money left on my Target gift card than I thought I did.


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Sep. 28th, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC)
The SCADdies are really into robots, pirates, ninjas and monkeys. It's getting so that I'm losing whatever interest I ever had in those subjects.

ObPirate: Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr. Matey. Timbers = shivered, planks != walked. All in all, a good day.
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