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Wednesday already?


So, anyway. Had a really nice weekend. Friday night I stayed up late watching DVDs (Henry Rollins spoken word and, of course, MST3K) and drinking wine. Saturday I made my way to the High Museum to see the Louvre Atlanta exhibit, which was opening to the general public that day.

It was a little less crowded than I anticipated, which was nice. One floor was devoted to drawings from the Louvre collection, usually studies for various works of art. A few of them had never been publicly displayed before--my reaction to this fact ranged from "Wow, really?" to "No duh!", depending on the sketch in question. The sculpture and painting floor was also quite nice. I found myself particularly fascinated with a bronze sculpture of Venus preparing to spank Cupid with a bunch of flowers. There was a painting that an American artist had done of a gallery in the Louvre which showed how cluttered the place used to be (could still be, for all I know.) The paintings were practically stacked to the ceiling and the Mona Lisa was jammed in between a couple of religious paintings in one corner.

The exhibit, naturally, led into the gift shop, which led in turn into the modern art section of the museum. Which was a bit like being served a multi-course gourmet meal and being offered Twinkies and Ho-Hos for dessert. Pop art has its place, but right after Raphael isn't one of them. I just wasn't in the mood, so I exited and made my way home.

That evening, I got together with big brother docwhoopee, sis-in-law and friends of theirs and we went to the Plaza Theater to see a showing of Frankenstein. They made a big performance art show of it, with burlesque dancers, guys in monster costumes and a raffle for a dead body. (They did, in fact, deliver--it was the body of a chicken, mind you, but a genuine dead body.) The pre-show dragged a bit but the movie eventually came on. The print was scratchy at the start, but once it got into the movie proper it was very clean and sharp. Frankenstein is a bit quaint in its datedness, but it's a classic, so we forgive it.

Sunday I just slept a lot.

Tuesday, my workplace was broken into. (Again?) Somebody crowbared their way through the door, set off the alarm and made off with a laptop before the police could get there. We'll be getting a new door soon. And a new laptop.

I think I'm actually going to cook something tonight. Macaroni and cheese maybe. Or soup. Not sure yet.

Today I took pleasure in a nice hot mug of tea.

Today I learned that the new website for the Plaza Theater doesn't hit high on the Google charts.


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Oct. 18th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
Aww Frankenstein is fun, innit? It's so iconic that you don't realize until you actually watch the movie that it really is from another time when people were scared by things that we'd laugh at today.
Oct. 18th, 2006 06:42 pm (UTC)
Somebody did a big fakey dramatic scream when the monster was first revealed. Outside of that, people mostly laughed in a gentle sort of way (if that makes any sense.)
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