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Weekend Update

Nothing like a little rock 'n' roll to perk one up. Went to the Star Bar to see What The...? play. The opener was some yahoo calling himself Reverend Deadeye, doing a kind of slide-guitar blues thing with a fire-and-brimstone preacher schtick. I lost interest and went downstairs to write. I went back upstairs to see What The...?, who put on a good show. A band called The Shazam headlined, and they kicked all kinds of ass, so I hung around to see them. From there, I went to the Echo Lounge for the postshow dance set that they have on Friday nights. Ran into the ex-roomie there and we ended up cruising most of what East Atlanta had to offer at 3 AM before going back to my old homestead and playing with the ferrets. I got home a little after five, and didn't have too much trouble falling asleep. So that was my Friday night.

Today I slept until about noon, went to check my mailbox and then went roaming for parks. I like to do that on Saturdays. My Atlanta atlas is falling apart something awful, but I didn't have the $ to get a new one, so I've been using it to get around, loose pages and all. I found a couple of parks and moseyed my way over to them. One has an actual swimming pool, but the pool has an entry fee and I didn't have a swimsuit handy so it seemed kinda useless to pay just to dunk my toes in. I'll keep it in mind for future hot days, though. Also found a nice little park with a creek that I sat down and listened to for a while. I love the sight and sound of moving water on stones. (I have a little rock fountain that my sister gave me as a bridesmaid's gift, but it's packed away in the basement with the rest of the stuff right now.) From there, I toddled home and now I'm contemplating taking a bath.