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Lagging . . .

Falling behind on my NaNoveling. Didn't hit my goal Friday, got even less done on Saturday and spent Sunday trying to catch up. I'm now about a day behind on my neatly divvied word count goals. Would have done a little more catch up after dinner, but I had to go to the condo so docwhoopee could finish my closet up. So I have closetage. Woo!

Saturday Mom went with me to the condo and gave the tile floor a good scrubbing. Now all I have to do is give the bedroom rug a good vacuuming and the place will (finally!) be ready to move my stuff into. I got a couple of estimates from a couple of movers and I'm shooting for mid-November for the actual move.

Mom has offered to take me grocery shopping and stock my pantry with basic staples on her dime. After that, I'm on my own. I've been a starving artist for too long to ever turn down free food.

Today I took pleasure in seeing pictures from my parents' South American adventure.

Today I learned that the rug I inherited is not all that large. But, hey, it's free.