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Happy Birthday to MY DAD!

It's my dad's birthday today. My sister, puppetmaker40 did a little entry about him here, if you're curious.

I broke 20,000 words today on the novel, which means I'm still a couple of days behind the average, but I've set things up for the major conflict so I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Though I do fear that I'm going to end up doing what I did last year--finishing the story arc at the 40,000 word mark and having to pad the hell out of the ending to hit 50K.

The parents were out to dinner this evening (naturally) so I had some soup and hoped to make some kind of headway on getting things organized for the move. Ha. By the time I'd finished dinner and taken a shower, there was just enough time to sort through a heap of accumulated papers and render it into a smaller heap. I'm on my way to bed now, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be a little more productive in the preparation department.

Today I took pleasure in my mom's chicken soup.

Today I learned the first few stumbling steps in How To Prepare A Dispossessory.