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Happy Turkey Day!

(...and for all you folks outside the US of A, happy, um, Thursday.)

(Oh, and speaking of folks outside the US, I have a PAL videotape of Duran's Duran's first video album that's been sitting around for about sixteen years. Long story. Anyway, does anybody want it? I managed to get my hands on an NTSC copy, so I don't need it anymore.)

So I had the day off and used it do a couple of loads of laundry and, after some false starts, bash out 5000 words of my novel. I'm now at 30,000 and I have Friday off as well so I may be able to make it. Cross your fingers for me, especially now what I'm venturing into "what the hell happens next" territory.

Today I took pleasure in Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

Today I learned that the bandwidth gets a little sludgy later in the day on Thanksgiving.


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Nov. 27th, 2006 10:11 am (UTC)
Happy belated t-giving! I'm getting my internet jones scratched at the radio station.

Your t-giving sounds more pl;easant than mine. My mom wanted me to look at giant wieners. Well, ONE particular giant wiener. Because she's weird like that.

I never did get to see the big schlong. I am VERY Thankful for that.

Crazy Mom. Oy!
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