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What's Left of Sunday

My sister-in-law had her birthday dinner this evening (her actual birthday was yesterday.) She opted for cold things--a cold soup with a fancy name I can't spell right now, cold lime-basil chicken on a bed of lettuce and fruit sorbets for dessert. For her present, I gave her a black choker and a bottle of Mood Changing nail polish. She's easy to shop for; just get her girly stuff. Afterwards I went to Java Monkey Speaks and actually got there early enough to sign up for the first round. I read a few pages of scribblings from my night at the Star Bar and recited a Dorothy Parker-esque poem of mine that still doesn't have a proper name. The feature was a poet named Lady, who co-hosts the Notebook Society. She was fab, as always. The second round had a streak of some eight poets who had never read at Java Monkey before, which is probably a record, if anybody is keeping track of these things.

Job interview tomorrow. I'm on the excited side of nervous about it. Just hope I can knock 'em out and get in so I can stop this job-hunting business.