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Greet'ns from La-La Land!

A quick post to say howdy before my parking runs out. I'm at a little cafe with Wi-Fi access (had to pony up for it, but it wasn't too bad) and I've just gotten directions to a couple of places I want to visit.

The weather is gorgeous and so far I've had a great time. Went with blusilva and azewewish to the Egyptian Theater to see a screening of clips from Disney's True-Life Adventures, a series of nature documentaries done by Disney from the late 40s through the early 60s. I'd never seen any of them that I can recall, so they were fascinating to me. Very, very Disney, in a way, from the music to the editing. The whole shebang either will be or already is out on DVD, for Disney completist types.

I hung around Hollywood for a long stretch while waiting for me (I'd gotten there obnoxiously early, as I tend to do) and I was amused by the occasional odd contrast between the stars on the Walk of Fame and the establishments the stars were placed in front of. The Hanna Barbera star was right in front of Frederick's of Hollywood, whatever that signified. And a store with punk rawk T-shirts and handbags with obscenites on them was right next to the star for . . . Liberace.

Okay, I'd better go before my parking expires.

Today (so far) I took pleasure in sipping chai at a sidewalk table on a beautiful day.

Today (so far) I (hopefully) learned where Bronson Canyon is.


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Dec. 8th, 2006 08:06 pm (UTC)
So, where IS Bronson Canyon?? I'm telling you, I have no clue! LA born and bred, man!
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