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The L. A. Trip in Summary, part one

Thursday Morning: Got up at about the same time I would have gotten up to go to work. Gathered my things, drove to the Dunwoody MARTA station (three miles from my digs) and took the train down to the airport. The security line was long but moved pretty quickly. They had big screens playing instructional videos about How To Be Screened. They also, helpfully, provided quart zip-top plastic bags for putting little bottles of liquid in; I saw one poor woman desperately trying to fit all her toiletries into one. I took off my shoes, took out my laptop, took off my coat and did all the necessaries to get to the other side of the metal detectors. It's a bit disturbing how good I'm getting at this. Once I made it to the gate, I grabbed some breakfast from the Atlanta Bread Company with a cashier who didn't listen very well. I asked for a bagel with cream cheese, he rang up a bacon, egg and cheese. I corrected him on that, but he also ignored the part about a beverage and didn't prompt me so I had to eat the thing dry. (The line was too long for me to want to kick a fuss about it.) I waited by the gate, killed time playing solitaire and eventually got on the plane.

Thursday Afternoon: Long plane ride. Very crowded. I read a magazine I'd bought at the airport, but it wasn't quite enough to sustain me for the trip. Though the XM satellite radio they have installed at all the seats was great--I plugged into the 40s station and listened to big band swing pretty much the whole trip. Played more solitare, tried to nap.

At last, the plane landed, I disembarked and headed to the rental car area. Took the shuttle to the Hertz center and waited some 30-40 minutes in line before I got my car. It was a nice little black Kia. The guy at the gate asked for my driver's license--I asked him for a good place to have lunch. He gave me directions to Sizzler, but I ended up going to a little place next door that was Italian and Persian. Italian was on one side of the menu and Persian on the other. I had a beef kabob with an absolutely delicious cucumber salad. I spread out my map to figure out where to go next, called a few people to let them know I'd arrived, and had lunch.

I'd printed out directions to Bronson Canyon from Mapquest at home and then proceeded to leave them there. So I figured I'd just muddle my way to Griffith Park and figure it out from there. Unfortunately, my map wasn't particularly detailed, so it took a few tries to make it there, including a stopover with a rather nice view of the ocean. I worked my way up Western, past many non-English signs, which didn't particularly faze me since I work right by Buford Highway. I made it to Griffith Park and tried to find Canyon Drive. Didn't succeed. Went ahead and parked and went for a short walk. Snapped a couple of pictures.

This is one of them.

Thursday Evening: Since the sun was sinking and the park closed at dark, I decided to head for Hollywood to meet up with blusilva (hereinafter Tracy) and azewewish (hereinafter Brenda.) I found a parking lot not too far from the proceedings and spent about an hour wandering up and down Hollywood, soaking up all the tacky. Finally went to the bar at The Pig and Whistle, where we were to meet, bought a drink and waited. Tracy arrived right on time and we went to a table and chatted for a bit, waiting for Brenda.

Brenda arrived not too long after. She'd been arguing with a parking attendant. I asked Brenda when she'd gone blond; she accused Tracy of putting me up to asking that. (Actually her hair is still red, it's just gone very light from being in the sun, like a newly-minted penny.) None of us were especially hungry, so Tracy and Brenda ordered nachos and calamari and I had a bowl of potato-leek soup. We got in line at the Egyptian for an evening of highlights of Disney True-Life Adventures (as mentioned previously.) While in line, Brenda called pippinspeach to see if the Rock Star was doing anything for his 50th birthday. She said that he'd planned something and then cancelled it. Bastard. Anyway, we all said hey to her and then the line started moving and we got in and found some seats. The show was fun, like I said before. Afterwards, we headed out into the night and the late hour started to catch up with me since my body was still on Eastern Standard Time. We waited while Brenda fought with the parking attendant, since he'd assured her that she'd get a partial refund if she had her parking validated at the Egyptian. She did so, and then he told her, oh, he meant the Egyptian Arena (I think it was), not the theater. She left a voicemail with the parking company and finally drove me to my car, gave me directions and I followed her back to her digs.

Brenda lives in a little apartment that is crammed to capacity with media--CDs, DVDs and lots and lots of books. I met Jo, Brenda's roommate (I know she has an LJ, but I'm not sure what her user name is) and pretty much collapsed on the couch. It took a little adjusting, but sleep soon arrived.

To be continued like . . .


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Dec. 20th, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)
Totally NOT blonde... *g*
Dec. 21st, 2006 03:37 pm (UTC)
You're so inspiring - I love the idea of traveling out there, renting your own car & doing some things on your own, just exploring and following your whims. More, please! :)
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