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January: So, New Year's Eve was good.

February: I just got a notice in my email that Warren Cuccurullo is plotting a solo show on the 31st of March at the Viper Room. [The comments reveal that the date was wrong, in case you wondered about it.]

March: So, the new job moved to another office space (this one actually owned by the lawyer, rather than rented) so I spent the latter half of my week packing stuff into boxes, moving what was liftable to the new digs and carrying it all upstairs.

April: (horked from many people) [It was the Wikipedia birthday meme.]

May: So my PerNoWriMo is off to a less-than-auspicious beginning, since the very first day of it, I didn't get a single word down on it.

June: . . . before I turn thirty-six.

July: . . . but only hardcore MSTies are going to get the joke.

August: I swear if I find one more freaking hole in need of filling in I'm going to scream and throw things.

September: Right now, I'm borrowing my sister's computer and connection while I'm babysitting my neice Caroline.

October: Work is pretty quiet right now and the boss isn't around so I'll be quietly updating this in between purging dead files.

November: Well, it's not off to the most spectacular of starts, but I did manage to bang out 1691 words (according to the word counting device on nanowrimo.org) so I've got my daily dose.

December: This is my first attempt at screened comments on a journal entry. [The first public post in December began with: Leaving for L. A. on Thursday.]