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2007 so far . . .

So I entered the year 2007 in a state of complete sobriety. Did an early poetry reading at Java Monkey and then went to the EARL to see Thee Crucials, Tenement Halls and The Selmanaires. Had a blast and a half. Thee Crucials are sort of 60s themed garage rock done well. Will definitely be checking them out in future. Tenement Halls weren't too bad, The Selmanaires keep growing on me. I think one of my vague New Year's resolutions will be to go out and see more bands.

Most of today was taken up with laundry, trash disposal and a few minor errands. And more laundry. I also finally watched the Fun with the Fab Four DVD that I picked up at Amoeba Music for three bucks. It's a little hit and miss. There are some middling stretches of people talking about The Beatles (screaming fans, unamused police officers, etc.), but when the lads actually hit the screen it's delightful. The Pyramus and Thisbe sketch is, indeed, worth the price of admission, if only because it's a great consolation to see that such titans of music history were capable of acting like complete and utter dorks.

Today I took pleasure in laughing my ass off over John Lennon in drag.

Today I learned where the recycling bins are at my complex.


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Jan. 2nd, 2007 05:54 am (UTC)
Recycling makes Gaea all happy nice
Let me guess...Kenny Crucial got a bandtogether that sounds good? Bless his heart, he's been trying since forever.

P.S. I had to order school stuff thru Amazon and I am getting the same Beatles DVD for 22 cents (yay for sales, check out the penny sales...the trick is to buy a bunch of penny stuff from just one retailer so shipping costs don't eat up the savings) plus shipping. What are the odds we'd buy the same damn thing within days of each other, especially since I only have a handful of DVDs? (Literally.)
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