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The job interview went pretty well. I managed to answer all the questions intelligently, and I think I gave some pretty good examples from my past history of what a darn wonderful person I am. I'll find out in about a week if I'm going on to the next step. Wish me all kinds of luck.

Went home and cleaned house and napped. Couldn't really bring myself to do more job hunting with such a good job that much closer to being in my grasp.

Did the Notebook Society this evening; the exercise this time was to pick a noun out of a hat and then write a paragraph describing it without actually using the word in question. I got "Time" and "Coffee Mug".

This is what I did for "Time":

I can fly, I can crawl, I can pass you by without you even noticing until it's too late. You can save me, you can waste me, you can spend me, you can keep track of me all you want but you can't grasp me and you can't ever stop me.

"Coffee Mug" was a little simpler:

There is space on my side for witty sayings, for patterns, for colors, sometimes matching the dishes, sometimes not. Fill me with java, cream and sugar and hold me to your lips--my purpose is fulfilled.

It was a fun evening.