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Wednesday . . .

So, the dd.com message board went under around ten o'clock this morning . . . when I was in the middle of posting on it just to see how much more I could get away with. So I was there from the first day it opened to the public and there for the bitter ending. For whatever that's worth.

There's a big juicy drama on fandom_wank that kept me nicely distracted from all of that, involving a guy who thinks he's a comics big shot but is a little too slack about actually paying people for their work.

This evening I went to the Defoor Center for Kodac Harrison's little monthly open mike. It's a little different than Java Monkey, since he allows musicians as well as poets, but he still jumps around the list according to his whims. The cafe there is a nice little space. I'll probably be back.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking about going to Eyedrum for the Info Demo "The Skin I'm In" show, if I can handle staying up for two school nights in the row.

Today I took pleasure in getting out of the house and going somewhere new.

Today I learned what the Defoor Center is like.


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Jan. 12th, 2007 01:01 am (UTC)
A hi for Aunty Sheila
Sorry about the dramarama. I have no kittens to offer a KittenBreak with, so here's a carpetshark / rughumper / domestic polecat / FertBreak.

Posted some Woozle pix in my journal and in some fert groups but here's one that's not on BPTs, a.k.a. the Shrine of the 'Teal Deers'.

This is Woozle (L) with his Atlanta girlfriends Fannie (F/R...I think) and Jane (B/R...I think). The girls look pretty much alike and are the same size so you have to go mostly on behavior patterns.

Imagine him with Long Duc Dong's accent. "Huh huh huh! Banzai!"

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