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Weekend Report

Friday night, I hooked up once more with Mr. Tall, Blonde and Handsome and we went out to see Children of Men. Between our theater jaunts and his DVD collection, I've probably seen as many movies in the past few weeks as I did all last year. Children of Men was a good film, albeit an awfully brutal one. After the film, Mr. TBH looked it up on IMDB and was a bit upset to discover that two of the screenwriters of the film are also working on the as-yet-in-limbo film adaptation of John Carter of Mars. (He's an aspiring screenwriter, and had hoped to do the same himself.)

Saturday night, I went to see Gringo Star at The EARL and rendezvoused with a guy I'd met on Craigslist. Nice enough guy, but didn't really ring my chimes. I let him down as gently as I could manage. The show was great though. Four bands--Sovus Radio, Stun Gun, Killgordon and Gringo Star--and none of them sucked. I think I'll go back to flying solo, though--much less pressure and that way I can flirt with hot guitarists a little more freely.

Sunday night I gave Java Monkey a visit. I'd gone with no plans to actually read anything, just to observe, but the crowd was small due to the cold and damp, so I rattled off a sonnet of mine just to keep my hand in.

Tonight I'm supposed to meet up with Mr. TBH again, but he's helping a friend move so there's no telling when he'll be free. I'll see about getting some unpacking done while I wait to hear from him, assuming I do.

Today I took pleasure in chili with cheese and Fritos.

Today I learned some rather disturbing news from a dear friend. Please send any spare pozzies your way to Tina's son, TJ.