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Happy Birthday, US of A

The problem with being so tantalizingly close to a new job that you actually want is that it makes it so hard to look for other jobs while you're waiting to hear something. So I haven't been looking very hard. However, since I'm saving my pennies to go to California and stuff, I'm a tich limited in what I can do. I spent a few days just circling in a holding pattern and then rediscovered the joys of libraries. I checked out some self-helpy books (some more helpful than others) and devoured them. Yay books! Yay libraries!

Today, I'm a little stumped, 'cos all the libraries are closed, but there's a gig going on at the Echo Lounge (a tribute to the late Scott Rogers a.k.a. Rip Thrillby) starting at 4:30 that I'll probably check out.