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So I just downloaded a nifty new client for LiveJournal so I can update without having things disappear on me. It's spiffy!

Went to the memorial show for Scott Rogers a.k.a. Rip Thrillby. Skillions of band playing from about 5:30 onward for only eight bucks. Crowd was a little thin, particularly at the start (my figuring is a lot of people took advantage of the three-day weekend to leave town.) I cut out after The Penetrators (with a slightly rearranged membership) did their set and Slick 57 failed to hold my attention. I even managed to see some fireworks, clearly illegal ones shot out of somebody's backyard that I could view from the parking lot.

Saturday I went trolling the libraries for new books to read. Picked up a book on how to play guitar (now all I have to do is tune mine up again) and a couple more self-helpy books, including a really ghastly one called Who Moved My Cheese? which I knew in advance was going to suck but it was like a car wreck--you know you shouldn't look, but you want to see just how bad it is. It was pretty bad. It was REALLY bad. But, fortunately, it's mercifully short.

Saturday night I went out and saw Paul Melançon play at The EARL. Nillah opened; they bored me. What The...? closed, but it was getting late and I'd already seen them the night before, so I cut out early.

Sunday I slept even more than I anticipated sleeping. I dreamed thick and heavy dreams that I can't remember. Sunday night I went to Java Monkey as usual, but something in me rebelled, so I went home. I'm not sure what was wrong, but I've been trying to lean more on my intuition, and intuition said get the hell out, so I went.

Tomorrow is therapy and housecleaning. And maybe more books.