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Interview Meme--froofie's Questions

1. If your 80-year-old self were to give you advice about your life right now, what would she say?

Thirty-six isn't nearly as old as you think it is.

2. Write a silly hiaku.

She wants a haiku
But my brain is way too fried
To be that clever

3. At a dance club, where can you be found? On the floor, at the bar, no where near the club in the first place? (or somewhere else)

If I like the music, I'll be on the floor. If I'm merely okay about the music, I'll be at the bar. If I hate the music, I'll be in a different dance club.

4. What do you think about hip-hop music?

I think it's kinda like graffiti--some people think it's brilliant art, other people think it's just vandalism. I think it depends on how it's done.

5. What kinds of food items do you not like to eat?

Cooked spinach, raw mushrooms, lima beans. Especially lima beans--ick! (When I was a kid, my mom tried to persuade me to eat lima beans by saying "They're not going to kill you." "I know they won't," I replied, "'cos I'm not going to eat them!")