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Interview Meme--moonwych's Questions

1. Name your favorite author and book (doesn't have to be by your fave author) and then tell me why those are your faves.

Tanith Lee. Who, coincidentally, wrote my favorite book Don't Bite the Sun. (It recently came back in print, along with the sequel Drinking Sapphire Wine, in a single volume called Biting the Sun. I will pimp that book to everybody I can until the day I die.) It has one of my favorite opening lines ever: "My friend Hergal had killed himself again." It took me a while to figure out why I loved the book so much. At first, I thought it was because I wanted to wander around in the world it painted--a far future society where pleasure is unlimited and only paid for in gratitude--but then I figured out that it was because I identified with the narrator, who dreamed more than was expected and felt out of place in paradise. As a teenager grappling with clinical depression, it meant more to me than I realized. I love Tanith Lee because she writes fantasy and science fiction on more of the mythic level than the mechanical level. How magic and technology works is only detailed if such details are essential to the plot. Otherwise, it just does, y'know?

2. Do you have any movies and/or books that were favorites in your childhood and still rank high on your favorites list? If so, what about them has withstood the test of time for you?

Hm. Interesting question. Off the top of my head, the original Star Wars films probably qualify. The thing I like about those films that an unfortunate number of science fiction films lack is a sense of continuance. You got a feeling if you turned a corner, there would be more of the world it depicted. Cheesy knock-offs just gave you a sense that everything on screen was all that existed. As far as books go, I can't think of anything that I read as a child that I'm in the habit of reading today. I keep threatening to give the Narnia books another go, but haven't gotten around to it.

This one was ganked from someone else's questions I believe.
3.If you could write a book with anyone (dead or alive) with whom would it be and what would the story be about?

I would be honored and thrilled to co-write a book with Neil Gaiman. What would it be about? I think it would depend on what idea came out of both of our brains put together.

4. What characteristics do you look for in your friends?

The ability to sustain an intelligent conversation. A sense of humor that resonates with mine. Honesty tempered with tact.

5. What is the one thing in the world you would change if you could. (Can be anything, an event, a set of circumstances, something that affects the entire world or just your personal part of it)

That's a tall order. Maybe I'd go back in time and stop John Lennon from being assassinated. That would pretty much change the history of the world.



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Feb. 19th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
Maybe I'd go back in time and stop John Lennon from being assassinated. That would pretty much change the history of the world.


That is so eerie. Someone just said this exact thing to me in a conversation I was having Friday night. *shiver*
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