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Killing the Blockmonster

I wrote! Actual story writing! For the first time in waytoofuckinglong I got off my proverbial ass and bashed out wordage for an hour on a story I'd been stuck on for ages.

It's shaping up surprisingly well. I think. Heck, it just felt good to be writing like that again.

Now if I could just do this on, I don't know, a little more of a regular basis. But I'm at a point where I want to see exactly what happens next*, so I think I'll be going back to it.

Today I took pleasure in the line "My name is Charvis. It's my job to find people." I'm not sure why.

Today I learned that large containers of water should be thoroughly checked for leaks before being placed on a car seat. (Can you tell this lesson was learned the hard way?)

* actually I know what happens next, I'm just curious to see how precisely it will happen.