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Hi there!

So. Yeah. Hi. And stuff.

I gave up my antidepressants for Lent. Well, okay, what happened was, I was down to my last dose on Fat Tuesday, so I decided to just do without renewing for the duration and see how it goes. Actually, what I'm doing for Lent is reducing my internet moodling to an hour a day, except Sundays. So far I seem to be restraining myself. Since I'm composing this in Xjournal, I'm not counting it as internet time, but I have a couple of minutes left which I'll use to make sure I didn't screw up any tags when I post this.

So, let's see, I went to the 99X Sinner's Ball last Saturday night, in full glitter masked regalia, just to have something to do. I got there unfashionably early, which was an amazingly dumb thing to do because I had to wait in bitterly cold weather for half an hour before I could get in. I was literally curled up in a ball and whimpering for most of my time in line. At last I got in, had some drinks, watched the first band play and flirted with a couple of guys before my legs decided to have this little spasms of agony that I've been putting up with since I did a personal training session that involved a lot of lunges and squats. I gave up, went home, took some analgesics and went to bed.

Mardi Gras was spent with some cider and an MST3K DVD.

Got ashed on Wednesday. Even ended up doing one of the readings at the service.

Thursday was day two of Atlanta's first rendition of the International Pop Overthrow festival. I went to see Thee Crucials (who have definitely become one of my new favorite bands) but the rest of the bands were also really good. Tonight is the last day, this time at Vinyl, and I absolutely must be there because The Arts and Sciences are playing for the first time in as many ages.

Last night was writing, reading and eventually hooking up with Mr. TBH for an evening's entertainment.

Right now I've got a pot of split pea soup simmering on the stove. Once it's done and I've had a bowl, I'm off to Vinyl.

Today I took pleasure in the smell of vanilla lotion on my skin.

Today I learned more about the mechanics of slash than I ever expected to know.


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Feb. 25th, 2007 01:45 am (UTC)
I went to IPO for the first time last year. That was fun! Hope your legs feel better.
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