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So last night, I decided that particular evening would be devoted to rewatching A Scanner Darkly with the commentary track before returning it to Netflix. And so I did. (It was pretty interesting, though it seemed they spent more time talking about the life and times of Philip K. Dick than they did about the actual movie itself.)

So tonight I have determined that it shall be spent cleaning. And so it has. I've gotten the dishes washified, three loads of laundry either done or in process and all the trash, empty boxes and recyclables out of my home.

The directory for my condominium complex arrived in my mailbox. Unfortunately, I procrastinated sending them my information, so it still has the name and phone number of the previous owner under my unit number. On the upside, this means that if somebody wants to phone up and complain about the noise, it'll be her problem.

I found out from metaquotes that Mercury is in retrograde right about now. For this reason, I am not calling or texting Mr. TBH unless I absolutely have to. Things are messed up enough in that department.

Today I took pleasure in looking up at the clear night sky as I carried out my trash.

Today I learned that the recycle bins labeled "Plastic and Aluminum ONLY" actually accept all kinds of things, according to the notice in the condo directory. The sign that says "Newspapers ONLY" really does mean it, though.