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Hooray for the Sunday loophole . . .

So you remember that bit about limiting the Internet for Lent? The one hour a day thing? Except Sundays?

Man, that's a lot harder to hold to when you're into Second Life.

I have adhered to it, though. The upshot is, though, I've been keeping websurfing to minimum so I can spend more of my hour in SL. So I haven't seen much of the internets beyond skimming my friends page.

Mr. TBH has gotten obsessed with learning how to build stuff in SL, and his obsession has rubbed off on me to a degree. I spent an evening at his place watching him build a halo. I've come across this place in SL called The Ivory Tower of Primitives ("primitives" or, more commonly, "prims" are the building blocks of Second Life objects) that has taught me all kinds of neat stuff about building that I didn't know before. And I'm only partway through it.

Meanwhile, in that thing we call reality . . . the trip to Savannah was fun. It's always great to see and hang out with Malinda (britpoptarts.) She showed me The Sims 2 on her computer and then created a Sim that looked like me to go with the Milla-Sim that she'd created. So she made a me, we picked out clothes for it, loaded it up and the Milla-Sim and Me-Sim became roommates. They even adopted a little black and white cat and named it Maxwell. Playing 'yourself' in a computer game can be a little odd, though. At one point, the Milla-Sim was having a chat with the neighbor lady and the Me-Sim wandered off. Then we heard the sound of somebody banging on the piano.

"What the hell is that?" I asked Malinda.

"You're learning to play the piano," she explained.

So we switched focus on the Me-Sim and there, um, I was, poking at the piano. With one finger. Nick Rhodes, eat your heart out. The Me-Sim seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit, though--Malinda took some screenshots.

Then the Milla-Sim and the Me-Sim went to a club and hung out. The Me-Sim ended up in the hot tub and also spent a long time playing with the cat, who went along.

Saturday was interesting, in that Chinese curse sort of way. The TV died overnight, so we spent much of the morning heaving the old TV out of the way and then lugging down one of the set from upstairs so we could at least see the parade on television, (since we both rolled over and went back to sleep when the alarm went off earlier.) We saw most of it, including a brief glimpse of The Crabettes, the band that Malinda's mother is in. They play polka music and standards, with crabs on their heads. Really.

Malinda had actually been angling for us to get on the float, but had been told it wasn't possible. So she was a little narked to see a number of non-Crabettes riding the float, but considering that getting our asses on the float would have involved a lot of getting up really early and waiting around, I really was quite content to watch the festivities from the bed.

Then we decided to go to Best Buy so Malinda could upgrade the memory on her computer. Then, after she finally got that taken care of, she started it up just to have a look and got a message that her hard drive was dying. Oh, dear. They did a check, it came up negative, so we had to leave it overnight so they could be sure.

At last word, the laptop is still at Best Buy, being held hostage by the Geek Squad.

So after four hours in Best Buy and having not actually eaten anything since the crab rangoons last night (which were really delish, by the way) we made our way to an Atlanta Bread Company and had, like, the best sandwiches in the history of food. Amazing how hunger will enhance things like that. I plugged in my laptop, hooked up to the free WiFi provided (woot!) and gave Malinda a quick tour of Second Life. She thought it was pretty cool.

Saturday night was spent dodging drunks and then holing up in the domicile for the rest of the night. We're pretty good at keeping each other entertained. We watched The Riches, which is well-done but I don't know if I'm going to make a regular habit of watching it. I love Eddie, obviously, but the premise of the show makes me a little bit . . . nervous.

Sunday was watching a cheesy horror movie on TV (The Grudge) and hitting the road.

Friday night (this past one) I went to The EARL to see Tiger! Tiger! play. They were the opener, so I figured I'd hang out and see if the other two bands were any good. One was called Rescue Mission, the other was called Bird. Both were very impressive. I met up with a guy named Tim that I knew in a previous life. We caught up on stuff--I told him about the condo I bought and he told me about the house he bought. I ended up going to his house and hanging out until the wee smalls, crashing on his futon and then hanging out some more until late afternoon.

He has one of the frogs from Rio mall. In his basement. That is so unbelievably cool.

Saturday night I was so worn out from staying up until dawn the night before that I crawled into bed at eight and stayed there until morning.

Sunday has been spent catching up on what's been happening in the wild world of the internets.

Off to meet the family at Fogo de Chao for large quantities of meat.

Today I took pleasure in going outdoors in a T-shirt.

Today I learned more neat stuff about building things in Second Life.


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Mar. 26th, 2007 12:59 am (UTC)
no idea what a rio frog is...

but the crab rangoons were made from crabs that *werent* on the heads of your friend's mom's band right?

That'd be too much sharing.
Mar. 26th, 2007 01:46 am (UTC)
Re: no idea what a rio frog is...
They no longer use actual crabs on their heads. They did for a while, but the animal rights people complained, so they use stuffed crabs, which don't go very well in crab rangoons.

Malinda didn't quite understand the animal rights people's objection, since the crabs that were worn on The Crabettes' heads were fed fish and released into the marsh after the show, whereas the crabs that were not worn were boiled and served with butter.

There used to be a shopping mall in Atlanta called Rio. Yes, really. It was built in a very 80s style, too. Anyway, one of the features of this particular mall was a large pond with gold-painted plaster frogs arranged facing a large globe in the center. The mall never did very well financially, as I recall, but the frogs were so compelling that a local band called The Changelings wrote a song about them. I know lots of people who would have loved to have gotten a frog when the place was demolished, but Tim was the only one I know who have succeeded in getting one.
Mar. 26th, 2007 09:51 am (UTC)
Cy is right. PETA started crank-calling my mom and her friends at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT to protest the inhumane treatment of crabs. A slightly developed nervous system and higher emotions are beyond the range of your average crab. My mom's oceanographer (?) / marine biologist friend confirmed this, by the way, and he's definitely into conservation and protection of animals of all kinds, even those that might fail in an IQ competition when competing against a bucket of dirt. On a smarts level, they rate just above barnacles.

These were Chinese crab rangoons, therefore possibly made from clabs. TOTALLY different things! (My fave detail about this restaurant is that the waitress and cook both wear a variety of Mashimaro aprons.)

Live crabs do still make appearances at private functions, but only upon request (and, even though Savannah is surrounded on three sides by water, proximity of participating Crabettes or party host(ess) to the marsh area or river area is required). Live crabs do have drawbacks. They pee on your head, blow spit bubbles, wander around causing hats to tip (impromptu blinkers) and have even been known to claw through straw hats fast enough to manage a good grip on the wearer's head or ears. But only non-participating crabs ever become dinner, crabs who perform are given raw hamburg (easier to have on hand than fish, but the premise is the same) and released back into the marshes, hopefully well-entertained, well-fed, and much wiser (perhaps now actually smarter than a rusty boat anchor...though there are tales of the same distinctive crabs being caught again and again...they must love "The Beer Barrel Polka," The Chicken Dance and "Rocky Top").

The demolition of Rio Mall happened kind of sudden-like. You pretty much had to be passing by on the right night and at the right time to snag a frog. Theories as to what happened to the rest range from "melted down as scrap" to "residing in landfill" and pretty much anything in between. Recall vaguely trying to get Kelly (Regina/Regeana) and Nick some Rio-frawgs in vain hours after the demo began, but the lot was apparently stripped within a matter of hours.
Mar. 26th, 2007 09:57 am (UTC)
P.S. Scary but hilarious CAUTIONARY TALES OF DOOM about Second Life at SomethingAwful.com under "SecondLife Safari". Plz you to be avoiding the scary denizens, yes?

*boggleface goes here*

I was looking for the old 2L articles I read eons ago, figuring you'd enjoy seeing some early 2L environments, and either my Jedi Librarian skillz are waning or that particular site is 404.

All I have to say about the goon squad's reports is HOLY EXPLETIVING CRAP and *rofflemeow* (see: Smiting via a Plague of Parachuting Penii!).

Mar. 26th, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC)
P.P.S. CySim and MillaSim pix (and pix of Law and Order character Sims) in latest blog. Not that we did anything fascinating, but, hey. It's entertaining!

Sorry for spamination. Too lazy to copy text, delete an earlier post, then paste and add stuff. The extra Comments make you look super Popular, though, right? And that's a yaywoo thing.
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