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. . . because I started a new journal just for my Second Life persona.


Have a look, if you're curious.

So, as for the rest of my existence. I took the poem I drafted to the poetry group I've been attending for the past few months. Traffic was gafarked all up Highland Avenue for some reason, so it was down to me and the guy who runs the group. He did go over my poem and gave me some very insightful suggestions. Sometimes it really is good to have another perspective on things, particularly if your point is to actually, you know, reach other people with what you're doing.

Tonight, I'm going to Vinyl to see The Julia Dream. They have a new CD out (at last!) and tonight is the release party. Should be a fun time.

Today has been laundry, the usual errands and setting up my alter-ego's journal. Need to get out of the house more, just to clear my head.

Today I took pleasure in the view out the window over my desk. The leaves are spring green and abundant.

Today I learned what it takes to set up a LiveJournal these days.