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Meanwhile, in reality . . .

So Saturday night I went out to see The Julia Dream at Vinyl for their CD release show. I had an urge to eat at a restaurant with white tablecloths before the show. Intuition, oddly enough, led me all the way to the parking lot near Vinyl and then up the street to a nice little restaurant with, indeed, white tablecloths. I had pasta with salmon, shrimp and vegetables in a nice cream sauce and a glass of white wine.

I arrived fashionably late and missed part of the opening set--some guy named James Hall. Intuition assured me that missing him would not be a tragedy and boy howdy, was I right. James Hall turned out to be none other than the pinch-faced lead singer of that shitty band who opened for The Lizardmen that I bitched about in a previous entry. Musically, he actually wasn't that bad this time around, but that constipated god-I'm-such-a-rock-star look on his face just made me want to slap him with a wet fish. I withdrew to the back of the venue and watched people play pool, and it was much more endurable. Met up with a guy I knew from my Big Corporate Bookstore days and when I groused about James Hall, he assured me that Mr. Hall was actually a nice guy in person, if a bit eccentric.

"I know from eccentric," I told him, "I am from eccentric."

"I know," he said.

It was one of the nicest things anybody's said to me lately.

Anyway, said howdy to Ang, Crystal and the Rockbox crowd (only Ang still gives me the time of day out of all of them) and at last, The Julia Dream took the stage. Well, first they played an odd little South Parkian video of the band member's faces grafted onto scenes from certain films, THEN they (finally!) hit the stage.

I lurves this band. Truly I do. They are, like, my new Tender Idols in terms of adoration. I'm no good at describing music, so just check out the clips at their site and decide for yourself.

I bought the CD, of course, and also sprung for a groovy T-shirt. I hung around for the next band, Rantings of Eva, who were really quite good. They didn't have quite the same presence that The Julia Dream have but the songs held my attention and I made a note to check these boys out in future.

I breezed home and spent a little time on Second Life, but that's for my other journal.

Sunday I slept a lot. And did a load of laundry.

Today has pretty much been Monday. And here we are.

Today I took pleasure in going for a walk and seeing more of my neighborhood.

Today I learned there is at least one street in Sandy Springs that still remains untouched by McMansions.