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The Weekend Report . . .

Not, actually, that much excitement to write about. At least, not in this reality.

Friday night, spent some quality time with Mr. TBH. He thinks I look really sexy in a wifebeater. I'll have to remember this.

Saturday, slept VERY late, ran errands and spent an unfortunate amount of time on the internet, on and off of Second Life. I actually wound up staying up until 4 AM or something rereading my journal from the very first entry. I started in 2003, back when you still needed invite codes. So a few hours later, I glanced at the clock, went "whun?", popped into Second Life, waved hello in IM to a certain someone and went to bed.

Sunday I was sacked out I ended up taking a nap at my parents' house right after Mass intead of driving home and napping there. I went home, took care of some business and went to the pool party they were having at my condominium complex.

As azewewish can attest, I live in a complex with a very hobbity name. (For privacy reasons, I won't disclose it, except to say that it has the word "Hill" in it.) When I brought her over to visit, she also noted that the little porthole windows that the kitchens have in my building are also rather hobbitlike. For that reason, I will hereinafter be referring to my condominium complex as "The Shire" in this blog, because it's faster to type and easier to spell.

So. The swimming pool is allegedly open at The Shire, but nobody used it because it's still badly in need of cleaning. But there was food and people and conversation and drinks in cans and plastic cups. (No glass, please!) I hung out a little before dinner, went to the house for Sunday dinner, came back and hung out for the rest of it. It does seem to be one of those places where everybody knows everybody. I've been living there six months, and I'm still being introduced as "the one who lives in Terry's place". (Terry was the previous owner of my condo.) They're nice people, though, and it's good to have a little face-to-face conversation when you've been typing at people for long stretches. Of course, as soon as the party broke up, I returned to my condo, fired up the laptop and got back online. Go figure.

Today I took pleasure in green tea with a spoonful of Trader Joe's Matcha Latte mix added. Mr. TBH turned me on to that one. It's like drinking perfume.

Today I learned the kid who got arrested for writing an essay (see previous entry) has been barred from joining the Marines. This just gets stupider and stupider.


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May. 2nd, 2007 01:54 pm (UTC)
I meant to ask this earlier: are there any 2-bedroom condos at The Shire?

Mom's quit one job and taken another at a drastic pay cut (her choice) but is now talking about selling Grandmother's house again. My feeling on that is simply this: if I have to move, I'm only going to do it once, if possible. Have been toying with the idea of condos/townhomes in Atlanta. Dennis has been pushing me to buy some yuppie place that will take 30 years to pay off, even with a hefty downpayment. My needs are a bit more simple, other than space concerns, and I hate yard maintenance, so houses are probably out. I figure I need a bedroom for me, which might end up being bedroom / small office, and a second room for bookshelves and a small bed for guests and any pets I may have at the time. Plus the usual bathroom / kitchen / livingroom deal. I'd also prefer a bath and a half, since waiting for a plumber to fix the only toilet in the house is horrible, and it is nice to have a second potty spot for guests / bathroom supply storage for TP and cleansers and such. Don't mind stairs. Have been out of the habit of listening to music other than via headphones for a while. So, just thinking.

Also, the whole essay thing is retarded. I'd like to actually read the offending essay before going off in a full rant, but unless he had detailed commentary about setting kittens on fire, beheading everyone he knows and pooping down their necks and setting off a nuclear bomb, I can't imagine it's worth the outrage. And, even then, free speech, mang.

People are dumb.

On the plus side, he won't go get all a-sploded overseas, and if they don't want him, he won't get drafted either. I'd see that as a major bonus. If my brother was still in the right age group, I'd ghostwrite a splatterpunk homoerotic anarchist rant for him, just to keep him out of bootcamp. :)
May. 2nd, 2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
The condo next to me is up for sale, actually. It's only one bedroom though--a mirror image of mine in layout. And it needs a little work, apparently.

It's less than 100K, though (less than what I paid for mine!), so it might be an option to consider. I was thinking about buying it for you in the event that I won the lottery . . .

There are other condos for sale in The Shire, but they're likely to be a little pricier. I can pull leaflets and see, though, if you like.
May. 5th, 2007 10:07 am (UTC)
That's be great. :)

Do you know if any have two bedrooms?
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