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Weekend Report May 18-20, 2007

So, I bet you're thinking I haven't written 'cos I've been running about dating all these guys who answered that ad, right?

Er, no. What happened was, I freaked out and systematically emailed all the ones I would have replied to and explained that I wasn't ready. Even if things between Mr. TBH and Yours Truly are well and truly doomed, I came to realize that I need more time for things to run their course before I start looking at meeting other people.

Took a few days to do it, too. I got a LOT of replies. I'm still getting a few trickling in, actually, but the stragglers seem to be guys who are just sending responses to everything female.

So, what have I been doing? Well, mundane stuff for most of the week, but Friday I finally got out into the big wide world to see Doria Roberts play the Red Light Cafe.

Usually, acoustic singer songwriters send me quietly edging towards the exit, but Doria Roberts is one major exception. (Nick Drake is, obviously, the other, but the man's been dead for over three decades, so seeing him live isn't an option.) I see her infrequently, mostly because she tours constantly, but each time I do I kick myself for every time I missed seeing her.

I suck at describing shows in any way that satisfies me, so I'll just say I had a grand old time and leave it at that.

In the back of the Red Light, I found some artwork that my ex-boyfriend, That Steve Guy, did way back in the day. It's been permanently affixed to the door of the bathroom. I was so surprised to see it I blurted out "Holy shit!" loudly enough for the whole place to hear. The guy behind the counter--may have been one of the owners, actually--came around the corner to see what the hell was going on. I explained it wasn't anything bad, just a startled reaction to art.

There was a slight chance of meeting up with Mr. TBH that night, but it came to naught. I got home, flopped into bed and slept through the text he sent me. Ah, well.

Saturday I got my car serviced and found out that my brakes will be needing work soon. Sigh. I kept myself occupied while waiting by reading magazines and watching a sublimely surreal strongman competition where massive men compete by doing things like lifting gargantuan barbells and pushing pickup trucks down courses like they were wheelbarrows. I kid you not.

Saturday night, I found out at that Thee Crucials and The Shanghai Gesture were playing the Star Bar, along with a band I hadn't heard of called The Clutters. I hadn't been to the Star Bar in a dog's age, because, frankly, they hadn't booked anybody I really wanted to see that badly. The guy at the door actually remarked on my long absence, which was strangely flattering. Katy Graves, formerly of Catfight! and now playing bass for The Shanghai Gesture, was celebrating her birthday and I made a point of wishing her a happy one. All three bands rocked hard to a depressingly empty room. (Not that there was no one there, but, damn, the place should have been packed if there were any justice in the world.)

Sunday was sleep, a little shopping and more internet than was probably healthy.

Today I took pleasure in listening to Step On Over by The Tender Idols after so long. I'd nearly forgotten what a great little album this is.

Today I learned what shopping at Aldi is like.