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Weekend Report, Memorial Day Weekend

So Friday evening was pretty much spent babysitting Mr. TBH while he tried to get his computer to work. I'd brought my laptop with me and he borrowed it for a bit to take care of some business on Second Life. He bitched about the interface; I pointed out to him that I didn't need to spend all night installing and reinstalling Windows trying to make the thing functional.

Saturday was just Saturday--slept late, ran the usual errands.

Sunday morning, I got to the parentals' for breakfast and found that my little sister-in-law, Carrie, and my neice, Genevieve, were in town for a visit. We did the Catholic thing (Genevieve made friends with the boy sitting next to her--they had a nice time coloring the music sheet handouts with crayons) and then went to the Botanical Gardens.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are really quite nice, and one of the things they do to keep people coming back ('cos, let's face it, gardens don't change all that frequently) is to display various exhibits of outdoor sculpture throughout the garden. The current exhibit is a series of gigantic bugs made out of wood. Yes, really. Genevieve thought they were pretty nifty, but I think she was more fascinated by the live frogs in a particular fountain, especially when one crawled out of the pond and sat on the edge, as if to say hello.

It was a nice time. As Genevieve put it, "Yay for fun!"

Carrie and Genevieve made the pilgrimage to Melton's for lunch and I tagged along so we could catch up. It's funny how the presence of a four-year-old will cause you to dance around certain subjects.

I went home, napped, went back for Sunday dinner and a nice walk in the garden.

I got home and ended up getting in my first proper fight with Mr. TBH, over the phone. Whee. (Please don't ask for, or speculate about, details. Just don't want to get into it.)

Because of said unpleasantness, Monday was a bit of a downer. I was reasonably productive--got some shopping done, cleaned the bathroom and even had a chance to try out the pool at The Shire (it isn't heated, so I think I'll only be using it on blisteringly hot days.) But I had to do all of it with that sense of 'bleh' hanging over everything.

(For the record, we're trying to work things out, but we haven't been able to talk properly in the past few days between one thing and another.)

Mom gave me a little herb garden in a pot which now lives on the patio next to my tomato plant. I have tomatoes on my plant now! Little bitty green ones, but, still . . . tomatoes! This should be a good summer.

So, yeah, life is pretty good even if boys are occasionally prone to be idiots.

Today I took pleasure in getting up early and not rushing to get everything done before going to work.

Today I learned some things about Taoism, thanks to Wikipedia.


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Jun. 2nd, 2007 02:45 am (UTC)
Aw. The tomato thing reminded me of my graddad, who was proud every year of his tomatoes. He would compete with his neighbor buddy annually. Whose developed first, who had the biggest haul, whose were the biggest, and (though this was subjective) whose tasted best. Occasionally, they'd compete over whose plants produced tomatoes the longest. :)

It was a big, happy deal each year.

I miss my granddaddy.

As for Taoism, check out Stephen Chang's The Great Tao. Want more? Let me know.
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