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Swinging From the Poet Tree . . .

Getting the hang of this being thirty-seven business. Did a hasty cleanup of my place on Sunday to allow my parents to drop by and set up the IKEA furniture they bought for me on my birthday. So I now have a nice little table in the corner and some proper storage for my CDs. Sunday night was tenderloin steak for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. And I decided to go to Java Monkey for the first time in as many ages because Karen Wurl (chekhovian) was reading.

Karen Wurl is a poet and playwright who's been a fixture of the Atlanta scene for ages. She used to co-host the weekly reading and slam at Caffeinds (with Rev. Wyrdsli) back in the day and is pretty much responsible for me coming back after my first venture there, because she read some of her stuff and made me realize that there were actual poets in this scene.

Karen is heading up north to pursue academia, so this was sort of a farewell show for her. She did some of her 'greatest hits' and some new stuff as well. I will miss her--I just hope she'll keep her LJ updated so I can keep up with what she's up to. (Hint, hint, if you're reading this, Karen . . . )

Instead of doing my hat trick (writing up until the reading starts and then reading what I'd just written when my name came up) I read an actual poem that I'd hashed out at the poetry group I've been going to. It went over pretty well.

Ended up going to the Brick Store Pub after the reading and hanging with Kodac Harrison, Karen, Tim O. and the infamous Chris Chandler. It's always inspiring to share conversation with people who know things about how to use words.

Tuesday night was the aforementioned poetry group once more. This time Dustin (he has an LJ, but he uses his Blogspot blog more often these days) had us writing rondeles. I managed to hash one out pretty quickly and it came out pretty well for a first draft. I'll be poking at it a little more soon, I think. I still have some other poems to revise as well. Damn, I'm writing poetry again! I guess one never really drops the habit permanently.

Haven't seen Mr. TBH face-to-face since my birthday. We've met in Second Life, but that's for the other journal. Speaking of frustrating but endearing men, I heard back from That Steve Guy the other night. He's doing his thesis on the design of virtual worlds . . . so he might wind up in Second Life at some point. That should be interesting, to say the very least.

Mercury is apparently in retrograde from June 18 to July 10. In case you follow that sort of thing.

Today I took pleasure in my first home-grown tomato. I was forced to pluck it because it was falling off the vine, and it was still a bit green, but it was a home-grown tomato, dammit! And it was good.

Today I learned that a certain CD that I thought was lost is in fact still in my collection. Now if I can only find that Chemical Brothers CD . . .


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Jun. 23rd, 2007 02:15 am (UTC)
I am reading this, and I WILL try to keep my LJ at least somewhat up-to-date!

Your villanelle rocks.
Jun. 25th, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC)
did you know you can put a tomato that still has some green on it in your window sill and it will ripen more? And it retains the fresh taste too.

try it next time!
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