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Hi from the beach!

So I'm here at the beach and still trying to decompress from everything enough to truly relax.

We stopped by a Barnes and Noble the evening we arrived and grabbed copies of the last Harry Potter book. One for me, one for my parents. Yes, really.

I devoured the book in one sitting (was up a bit past midnight finishing it) which means that Mom and Dad don't have to compete over who gets to read the book. So that worked out well. I might ramble about the book later (under an LJ-cut, of course) but at this point all I will say was that I was satisfied with the ending but a bit unhappy with much of what led up to it.

I'm trying to read the fandom_wank entry about it, but because I'm on dialup, I can't get the pages to load properly.

I spent today finishing The Highly Sensitive Person In Love and now I'm digesting everything I've derived from it. (radiantbaby--did you want to borrow it when I get back?)

The beach is the beach. The ocean is the ocean. The sunset tonight was beautiful. I just hope I can unclench myself to the point that I can appreciate it properly.

Today I took pleasure in dipping my toes in the ocean.

Today I learned my parents find the commentary on ESPN so annoying, they'd rather watch a Braves game with the sound off then have to hear it.