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Happy Birthday to Big Brother!

No, not in the 1984 sense, in the sense that my older brother, Sean (aka docwhoopee) turns 40 today!

In the spirit of the birthday entry I did for Mom, here are forty things about my big brother, in the order that I think of them. (I'm only doing this for immediate relatives who hit decade marks, lest I go crazy trying to keep up . . . )

1. His middle name is Stanley, after our maternal grandfather.
2. He's a Certified Public Accountant.
3. He welds for fun. Yes, really. Check his blog for some of the stuff he's made.
4. He used to make katana-style swords and knifes out of Plexiglas and sell them at science fiction conventions.
5. He and my younger brother, Patrick, shared a room in the house we grew up in, up until my sister moved out for good.
6. They would tend to talk and goof off late into the night most nights, much to my frustration, since I tended to be a light sleeper.
7. He was quite the audiophile, and if I needed to render something important to tape, I'd sometimes use his stereo to do it.
8. He managed to copy the logos from The Edison Carter Show and Network 23 from the short-lived Max Headroom TV series and render them into graphics for T-shirt printing. Sold those, too.
9. He got his hands on some high-wattage flashbulbs and built guns that would "shoot'" you with the flash when you pressed a button.
10. He and his friend Donny would switch the lights out and hunt each other around the house with them. (Which was a hell of a thing to come home to after school.)
11. When Lazer Tag first came out, there was a tournament-type thing to promote it. My brother got a team together with some friends and they participated, though they didn't make it to the final rounds.
12. He has gained a rather legendary reputation for his room parties at science fiction conventions. He does them just for fun, rather than to promote anything.
13. Each year he comes up with a different theme, and has yet to recycle any themes, with one exception.
14. The exception is . . . Elvis.
15. He came up with the first Elvis party when I told him about a T-shirt I'd seen around the time that "Elvis sightings" were an odd little trend. The shirt had "tour dates" of different places that Elvis had purportedly been seen.
16. Sean took the notion and made not only T-shirts, but laminated backstage passes (as invites) and also brought Elvis to the party--by taking a prop of a charred corpse from a Theater Emory production, dressing it in a jumpsuit, pasting sideburns on it and giving it an "Access All Areas" pass.
17. He did another Elvis Tour party a few years later ("Return of the King") around the time the post office released the Elvis stamp. He got a friend who worked at Kinko's to make numerous color copies of a sheet of the stamps, in various sizes, which were used as decorations throughout the room, including a small shrine he built with a jelly donut in the center.
18. He also invented a drink for the Elvis parties--The Jelly Donut. It tastes pretty much like . . . a jelly donut.
19. The year 2000 brought us Elvis--The 2000 Flushes Tour. We'll not go into too much detail.
20. The most recent one was Elvis--Viva Las Vegas, which I've talked about here.
21. Did I mention that his parties are invite-only? And the invites have gotten increasingly elaborate over time.
22. For the Dead Man's Party, the invites were toe tags. The decorations were gravestones with inscriptions ranging from "Laura Palmer: We Don't Care Who Killed You, Just Go Away" to (my personal favorite) "Damn."
23. For the Coffeehouse Party, the invites were printed coffee mugs and the drinks were coffee-based. Unfortunately, everybody got wired and drunk at the same time and wouldn't go away.
24. He's been married for a little over a decade to a beautiful and dangerous woman named Rozana.
25. Their courtship was marked by a series of "Letters From Hell"--communications made to be as inconvenient as possible to receive. For example, he recorded a message on two cassette tapes, which had to be played simultaneously, wrapped the cassette tapes in plastic and then encased it in a block of chocolate, which was wrapped in foil and suspended on wires in the center of a metal framework . . . you get the idea.
26. They also played Tag, which basically involved finding ways to cause the other person so see the message "Tag! You're It!" in unexpected places. Sean once planted Burma-Shave type signs along the road where she drove regularly. Rozana once hid a slew of notes in his belongings when he was out of the room, and he kept finding them for weeks afterward.
27. This was undoubtedly the reason that Rozana insisted that their wedding rings were not to have any engravings whatsoever.
28. He once helped some friends who were in an escalating war of pranks with someone to carry cinderblocks up to a dorm room doorway and quietly wall the occupants within.
29. While he does have a history as a prankster, I've never known him to do anything mean-spirited or deliberately humiliating. At worst, he pulls things that are frustrating, but not damaging.
30. One of the things he used to do when we were kids was try to make somebody laugh while eating and then tell them "Don't spit it out!" in a way that would usually make one laugh harder and, well, spit it out.
31. He probably got karmic retribution for that one when we were older and he caused me to do a spit-take of apple cider all over the dashboard of his car.
32. He's been trained in firearms and used to carry a gun in his glove compartment.
33. He does not like eggs at all, and will only eat them scrambled, with a bit of ham or sausage with each bite.
34. When he was in college, I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of him in a suit.
35. He once came into my room on his way to a job interview. In a suit. Just to freak me out.
36. I've gotten used to the concept since then.
37. He came up with the Potato Man competition, a tournament of bowling, pool, darts, air hockey and miniature golf.
38. He used to be a business partner in a nightclub.
39. He doesn't look particularly forty, by the way.
40. And I love him very much.

Today I took pleasure in a sense of great things about to happen.

Today I learned a half gallon jug of Sunny Delight will not fit neatly into the mini fridge at work.


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Aug. 29th, 2007 02:17 am (UTC)
Seriously, just reading over this made me miss your brother. A lot. (Well, both of them, really.)

Uh, anyway, I still have my toe tag. And the bopper thingy from another party. And my Elvis t-shirt. And the backstage pass. *g*
Aug. 29th, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
I probably could have done all forty items about the different parties he did, but I restrained myself as best I could from doing so.
Aug. 29th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC)
24. He's been married for a little over a decade to a beautiful and dangerous woman named Rozana.

Wow, that is so weird to think about. I totally remember back when they were first together. :)
Aug. 29th, 2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
I CAN confirm NOR deny all of that. BTW - Party at D'Con this weekend - who woulda' thunk?
Aug. 29th, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday, Sean! Many happy returns!

Also, Cy, your question has been answered.



I could only rouse a few of the Panel after they raided the kitchen.
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