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Happy Birthday, Sis!

Just wanted to post a quick entry to say Happy Birthday to my sister, puppetmaker40!

She is a year younger than Nick Rhodes. You Duranie types can do the math.

Since it's not a decade mark, I'm not going to do an exhaustive list, but I wanted to at least mark the occasion. I got a chance to hang with her at Dragon*Con and we had a grand time, which I will go into in more detail when I finish my Dragon*Con report (which I have started.)

Heck, if you want to know what she's like, check her blog! And wish her a Happy Birthday. Tell 'em Sheila sent you.

Today I took pleasure in exploring the much-talked-about Greenies sim in Second Life.

Today I learned what the Greenies sim was really like. (Will prolly go into more detail in the cyfishy journal when I get the chance, but in short--it's a gigantic house that's scaled as though you were tiny. You wander into a room that's normal scale and then realize you're in a dollhouse!)


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Sep. 14th, 2007 07:31 am (UTC)
Happy B-day, Kath!

Many happy returns. :)

(And I have forgotten exactly how old Nick Rhodes is! I need to hand in my Tiger Card or something.)
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