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Boxes and Buckets

So today I finally got of my duff and started packing things to move. I stopped by a liquor store, grabbed some cardboard boxes (liquor stores are great places to get empty cardboard boxes, by the way) and started packing books and videotapes off of my shelves. Unfortunately, it starts pouring down rain which rather puts a damper (more of a SOAKER, at the rate it's going) on moving things out to the car. So I decide to pack a few more boxes and put a couple of empty suitcases to use. In the middle of one suitcase, I hear dripping. Then I realize that water is dripping down from my ceiling fan. This is not good. I switch off the light, grab my phone, call the landlord and wail for help. I investigate the attic and discover that water is leaking in around the chimney and soaking into the insulation right over my room. Landlord calls my roommate (she's going to be taking over for me as point person for house issues, so this makes a kind of sense) and roomie tells me a workman is on his way. The workman arrives, I show him where the leak is and he says there ain't much he can do but call in a roofer. Hoo boy. I get a larger plastic container to catch the drips and move my stuffed animal collection to the bed just in case more leakage happens along the line of damage. I then pick up my computer and flee to my parents' house and get online to write all this.