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Yeah, I know. I swear, every time I do a multi-part thing like this, I wind up putting off the next part for a dog's age. So, part two, as promised.

The Green Room: The Green Room, a.k.a. The Hospitality Suite, was on the 17th floor of the Hyatt, as it has been for many years. This is the room for the Guests to hang out in. This being DragonCon, the amount of importance you have as a Guest is relative. It can mean you're a New York Times Bestselling author, an actor who had a role in some science fiction television series about thirty years ago, or just that you run a website that gets enough hits to be credible. The range is vast. If you are a Guest, you may also pull for a number of Guest Of badges for immediate relatives and close friends, which also allow you Green Room access. For the past several years I have managed to snag a Guest Of badge on the graces of my sister, puppetmaker40, who has had Guest status for many, many years--partly because she knows the people who run the convention, partly because she worked at a major publisher for a while, and partly because she does a panel on how to create and operate hand and rod puppets. She also has additional geek clout through her husband, who has written comic books, novels, television scripts and other stuff. In exchange for babysitting my niece for a night or two, I get the run of the con and access to the great and mighty Green Room.

The Green Room is the more civilized version of the con suite. There is food, there are drinks and there are places to sit and relax. The food in the Green Room is much better, though. They serve bagels and pastries for breakfast, sandwiches and sometimes a big crock pot of soup around lunchtime and then at six o'clock in the evening, they close. At eight, they open back up again with dimmer lights, a refreshed spread of things to nibble on and an open bar.

That open bar has been the ruination of many a soul. Mine included. There is an incident involving multiple glasses of red wine that still haunts me to this day. Suffice to say, when a guy is telling you about the things you did the night before when you were under the influence and he says, with a manic grin, that "it was like a David Lynch movie" . . . you just know that this is not a good thing. But the staff were very, very good to me and they even let me back in the next night without objection. Carl, a.k.a. Ogre, the tall, built and cheerful fellow who pretty much handles security there, informed me that I had ascended to the ranks of those known as "Victims of the Green Room." It's been two years since the Lynchian night with the red wine, and Carl still greets me with "Hello, Victim!" I'm used to it. Carl also seems to be angling to add more people to the ranks of Victims, because he's the one who is usually circulating the room with a large pitcher of something blue. (Blue drinks, particularly with alcohol involved, are not to be trusted.)

Because I am a little money-tight at the moment, I took advantage of the Green Room as much as possible. Best of all, my brother, docwhoopee, had gotten a hotel room on the 17th floor and was gracious enough to let me crash there, so I could roll out of bed and wander over for breakfast the minute the place opened. The people who hung out in the Green Room tended to be the ones who owe their Guest status to their writing or their artwork, and therefore still have the primal bohemian instinct to latch on to free food. I had many wonderfully stimulating conversations with intelligent people, which is bliss for me.

My ambition at this point is to get enough stuff published so I can get my own damn Guest badge and be done with it.

Today I took pleasure in a warm golden moonrise.

Today I learned they moved the roast beef at Whole Foods.


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Sep. 25th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
They moved the roast beef....

Oh man, victimized again, Victim. Hehehehe
Sep. 25th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
Hey I need you for a couple of more years here. *grin*

It is not a bad ambition to have.
Oct. 4th, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)
I have always thoroughly enjoyed my time in The Green Room (best part of these cons, for me) and remain grateful for the opportunity.

Must have missed out on the Red Wine Fiasco, though. Perhaps that was the year I was actually (gasp!) a Guest Performer and we kept chasing each other all over the con but not doing well about successfully meeting up. How frustrating!

Erm...how many places can one hide roast beast in a Whole Foods? Inquiring minds wish to know. Was it hiding behind the pig parts?
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