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Memo to self: Helping oneself to the office pot of coffee after a long stretch of going without any significant caffeinated intake can possibly cause one to be asked to leave a temp-to-perm position for being "too overbearing."

Yeah. Me. Overbearing.

Apparently, I fucked it up by trying too hard.

It's for the best, I think. I was a bit frustrated by how unfocused the vibe of the place seemed to be, but held out hope that things would get better once they'd gotten more help and more organization. But I'm not meant to be a part of that. I wish them well and I figure this will free me up to be somewhere I can fit in more easily.

Back to the drawing board, then. Sigh.

Today I took pleasure in the feel of the leather jacket that I snagged from a thrift shop for sixteen bucks.

Today I learned that the job wasn't meant to be.


Oct. 27th, 2007 04:57 am (UTC)
Maybe they were scientologists...

and felt you didn't have the proper thebian vibe...