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Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everybody!

So, what exactly does it say about me that my cyfishy blog gets updated twice in the time between now and the last blog entry here?

It certainly hasn't been for lack of stuff going on in my life. Let's see, since I last spoke with you fine people . . .

. . . I decided that being shut up in the house was making me a little too crazy, so a couple of Fridays ago I decided to indulge in Martinis & IMAX at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. It's a nice little event they have on Fridays where they show IMAX films, serve cocktails, and a jazz combo plays just under the dinosaur skeletons in the main atrium. You can actually indulge in the martinis without the IMAX, which is what I opted to do this time around. I nibbled veggies with hummus, sipped a cosmopolitan and had the pleasure of seeing Mike Geier (aka Big Mike of Kingsized fame) doing jazz standards with a swinging trio backing him.

The day after that, it was off to the Star Bar to see Mr. Kenneth D. Howes throw down the blazing power pop that I love him for. Granted, he didn't get a chance to do it until two o'clock in the morning, since there were four other bands scheduled, but it was worth the wait for me. Kenny seemed very happy to see me and I caught him up on what I'd been up to since I'd last seen him ("I had an entire fucking relationship.") He introduced me to his current girlfriend, Debonee, and we hit it off quite well and dished a bit when he wasn't about. I also crossed paths with a nice fellow named Adam, because the universe has seemingly decided that what I really need in my life is another hopeless crush on a happily married pop musician. Must be under my quota or something.

I have embarked on NaNoWriMo though I fell a bit behind over the weekend. I remain short of where I need to be at this point, but I'm not panicky about it just yet, since I'm still getting a feel for what exactly happens next. (This year is a sequel to last year's NaNovel--the plan is to then take both volumes, revise them into one unified work and submit the result to Real Actual Publishers.)

This past Saturday I went out to see Gringo Star play. Had a grand time. The headliner at the show was a band called Modern Skirts, who are Quite Big In Athens. The meaning of this seems to change every ten years--in the 80s, Athens gave us REM and The B-52s. In the 90s, it produced Olivia Tremor Control and Macha. I'm not sure what they're giving us now, but if Modern Skirts is a significant example, I quite approve. At any rate, the curious side effect of this phenomenon is that they apparently have quite the following in the UGA sorority girl set. I was a bit baffled by the girls in the crowd until someone explained that one to me--they simply didn't look like the type to go to the EARL.

Anyway, while the Gringos were breaking down and Modern Skirts were setting up, what to my wondering eyes should appear but my personal Svengali, Mr. Mod Mod Sounds of Middlesex, Doug Jacobs. Doug is the man who asked me to pose for the cover art for an album he was putting together and ultimately had me sing on two of the tracks. He's back in Atlanta after a prolonged exile. I caught him up on what I was up to (as well as how britpoptarts was doing) and we hung out for the rest of the evening. He's computerless at this point, but we swapped phone numbers, at least.

The job hunt continues. I found a few places and emailed resumes, but I'm thinking that actual paper cover letters and resumes will probably have more of an impact, so I'll be working on those and getting those printed and possibly even hand delivering them to the offices I'm interested in.

Today, I have decreed to be Soup and Laundry Day. I've gone through a couple of loads of clothes, including some of the nicer delicate-cycle-washables that I need for job interviews, and I currently have a big happy pot of split pea soup simmering on the stove.

Today I took pleasure in snacking on slices of a Granny Smith apple with some string cheese.

Today I learned nothing will get a telemarketed charity solicitation to back down faster than the words "I'm collecting unemployment right now."


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Nov. 6th, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
A penny for the old guy.
Nov. 6th, 2007 06:09 am (UTC)
speak of the devil
Oddly enough, Woozle's auntie / the Victorian's other exGF D. and I were wondering over email today if Doug had settled in after he made it back to ATL and if anyone had his contact info. I was about to perform technoshamanism with online databases to weasel it up myself, but this is more efficient and quicker. :) Gimme, and I'll pass it on to her. They've been friends since small, stupid, gooshy things sprouted legs, climbed on land, and then decided living in the water full time was a bore.
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