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Day One of New Gig

I managed to keep pretty busy for the eight-odd hours they had me there. They were dealing with the last minute-details of a major file and getting a new server installed, so it wasn't exactly a typical day. But I took notes and got the hang of answering the phone (they don't get very many calls, but just enough that it helps to have a person at the desk) and I was able to set up a new email address for myself, change the voicemail greeting and get the desktop tweaked to my liking. It's going to take a bit of digging to clear the messes left behind by the previous person, but I think I can get a handle on it.

The Police are playing tomorrow night. I'm going. With Mr. TBH, because I bought the tickets when we were still together and I keep my promises.

By the way, I suck, because my father had a birthday on Wednesday and I was too busy running around going "Whahoo! I have a job!" to mention it. I told him that it was my birthday present to him--not having to worry about his daughter so much. So, Happy Belated Birthday, Dad.

Today I took pleasure in lunch paid for by my new boss.

Today I learned a little about how WordPerfect works.


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Nov. 17th, 2007 03:08 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday, Dad
Thank you, Sheila.
Glad you had a good day.
We'll celebrate on Sunday.
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