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It is, it is a glorious thing . . .

. . . to see a pirate movie!

After a little dithering today, I dragged myself out of the house to get to the post office so I could calculate postage rates for mailing off Spin magazines in quantity and then to get some Goo Gone so I can peel off the mailing labels from said Spin magazines without too much damage to the covers. Watch this space for eBay auctions.

But anyway. Going to Home Depot to get the Goo Gone put me in the neighborhood of my friendly neighborhood multiplex, so I impulsively decided to check out Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. When you're feeling down, sometimes you just need a big, dumb, popcorn movie to cheer you up. It did the job. The whole movie was a hoot and a half. Nothing terribly deep, just a fun movie to pass a few hours in a dark room and put a silly smile on your face.

Paul Melançon at Eddie's Attic tonight. I swear I'll shut up about him for a while, 'cos he's laying off live shows for a bit after this.

Still putting together a report on my adventures in California. Stay tuned.